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Documentary & Commercial Filmmaking from Chicago.

What We Do.

Furnace FPS makes films. Whether you’re looking for a production team to actualize your plan or ready to begin with a vague idea, we’re here for you from concept to completion.


Have an idea and need to move it forward into an actionable next steps? Have the concept but need a team to develop it with thoughtful and detailed pre-production? We do it all.  


Ready for production? Our production team will keep your filming schedule on-track and focused so you don’t have to feel any stress and chaos. Leave it to us.


Planned, filmed, now what? We’ll finish the job to create a compelling story with meticulous post-production. We value your feedback to arrive at the best product together.

Let’s Work Together.

If you’re curious and think you might have an idea to discuss, drop us a line. We’re excited to work with you through discovery and planning on through to the end, or anywhere in between.

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