Ignite Stories.

Documentary & Commercial Filmmaking from Chicago.

We know how to tell your story but we’re not married to working within any one industry. We delight in emphasizing the beauty and meaning of everyday interactions and processes. Collaborating with clients, we dive deep because we enjoy learning your story and allowing your voice to shine.

Furnace FPS is a full-service production company driven by igniting the stories we tell. Whether they are commercial or documentary, we strive to turn up the creativity in any project to produce the most potent story.

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We’ve done work for:

Aldi, Apple, Demo Duck, Goose Island Brewery, Gorilla, Hillshire Brands, Kraft, NICE Mattersight, Neighborhoods.com, Northwestern University, OpenSciEd, Sloan, USA Network, Virtue Cider, Vox, World Headquarters Inc, Y&R NYC

Sergio Salgado

Director & DP

Sarah Hanson


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