Earlier this summer, our good friends over at Demo Duck landed a video project for the folks over at Breadcrumb. DD approached us about directing and handling the production/post-production while they focused on the script, concept and producing. It was a super smooth process with all parties very happy with the end result. More info when the video is released but until then, here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the production. Some tech specs on the shoot below.

Camera: Sony FS7 w/ AtomOS Shogun
Glass: Canon L Lenses
Lighting: Aadyntech ECO Jab, Kino Flow Celeb 200, LitePanel Astras

Breadcrumb Still 1

Breadcrumb Stills 2
Seth from Breadcrumb with a stylish wink at camera.
Breadcrumb Stills 3
Sergio, Jon, & Laura doing some monitoring… on the monitor.
breadcrumb still 4
No the hand framing was not a joke… Seth gets it! Oh Sergio.
Breadcrumb Stills 5
This is start-up tech world, we need device shots.
Breadcrumb Stills 6
Sergio prepping the shot
Breadcrumb Stills 7
Sarah and John standing in before talent takes a crack at eating on camera.
Breadcrumb Stills 8
Sergio filling the Breadcrumb crew on how to properly wave at the camera.
Breadcrumb Stills 9
The Breadcrumb crew waving at the camera. It was a good day!

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