Sinister 2

Main on End Title Sequence

Client: Filmograph
Services: Cinematography

We’ve been fortunate to work with the talented team at Filmograph a few times and it’s always been a blast. This project was no exception. For the Sinister 2 main on end titles, Filmograph approached Amador Valenzuela of Black Book Studio to collaborate on design and animation (post-production) and then approached us to help with the filming.

Though our role was limited to production, this piece is a great example of effective collaboration. Together, we spent the day in a dark studio filming variations of each canister, the film projector, and a couple of special guest appearances. The final result has a dark, gritty, and unsettling tone that fit perfectly with the full film. To use Filmograph’s words, the goal/direction of this project was to create:


Sergio Salgado

Creative Director
Aaron Becker

CG, Design, Animation
Amador Valenzuela / Black Book

Executive Producer
Seth Kleinberg

Special Thanks
Luca Valenzuela