Stay Creative, Stay Safe

This past week was difficult for everyone. To say that the COVID-19 virus pandemic has affected all individuals and businesses small and large would be an understatement. For us, it postponed scheduled productions and delayed upcoming projects. It also means that large-scale and on-location productions will be difficult for the foreseeable future. Our studio’s style has always been to approach all productions with a lean, flexible, and scalable mindset. We’re now putting this to the test like never before.

On Tuesday of last week our studio started working remotely to first and foremost ensure the safety of our community. We brought computers, camera, lighting, and audio gear home with us to stay creative and focused on our goals of producing quality content for our clients while protecting everyone’s health and safety. We’re staying in touch to support each other remotely and focusing on things we CAN do rather than things we CAN’T do.

This is a time of uncertainty and we’re ready to put our heads together to come up with creative ways to employ new video strategies to reach your audience. If you have an idea and want to run it past us, we’re ready to listen. If you want some inspiration on ways we might be able to solve newly developed issues, see below for ideas. Just because we’re limited to our homes currently, doesn’t mean we’re confined to thinking inside the box! Let’s get clever together.


    • Story consulting
    • Brainstorming creative ideas
    • Script writing/breakdown and visual alignment

Home studio production:

  • Tabletop photography or video
  • Product photography or video
  • Stop-motion video


  • Editing, coloring, and sound mixing of active productions
  • Graphic or animation focused videos
  • Re-cutting of existing footage
  • Using stock footage to re-cut existing videos
  • Editing podcasts or other audio

Right now, we’re trying to stay creative so we welcome all challenges. Need help setting up Zoom for live-conferencing? Need suggestions on audio or camera gear for that new podcast or video you’ve been meaning to get off the ground? We’re on it.

This is going to be a tough time for all of us but it won’t be the end. We can all stay creative, stay safe and find ways to move our stories forward.