Viadeo, a Collaboration with LooseKeys

Viadeo is a professional social network with over 35 million members worldwide. They approached our friends at LooseKeys to produce a live action explainer video with a strong focus on brand culture. LK reached out to Furnace to shoot footage that would eventually receive tracking, rotoscoping and motion graphics overlaid.

LK developed a series of vignettes in which people connected through the Viadeo site.LK and Furnace then worked in a highly collaborative fashion to ensure all shots were accomplished. Not only did our footage need to be technically sound but it needed to communicate the stories in a quick and smart manner.

The final piece is a fresh look at some ways Viadeo is used and delivers a concise message through video and motion graphics. We couldn’t be happier with the result.


Sergio Salgado

Brad Chmielewski

Maeve Price

Brad Chmielewski
Jake Williams

Katie Sirles
Jack Danger
Steve Mosqueda
Brad Stark
Jake Williams
Marisa Pochter