A Sustainable Whole Animal Butcher Shop

The mission of The Butcher & Larder is to be Chicago’s first sustainable, whole animal butcher shop. They custom cut meat from animals that are responsibly raised on small, Midwestern family farms. In addition, they make a variety of sausages, patés and prepared deli items such as ham, bacon and corned beef for retail sale. They offer butchering and charcuterie classes (sausage making, etc.) at the shop, and plan to periodically hold small, casual family-style dinners.The Butcher & Larder was the first subject in the Practice & Space series. P&S is a web series that investigates people’s commitments to their craft and is filmed on location in their unique spaces. There is a growing movement of people that dedicate themselves to sustainable yet time consuming and more expensive practices in order to produce highest quality results. This series examines these stories.

Sergio Salgado

“Psychic Soy” by Morusa
“Like a Movie” by Nicole Reynolds