Reflect™ by GMAC

In January, I had another chance to partner up with LooseKeys to produce a video for Reflect™ by GMAC. The amazing team over at LooseKeys came up with a great story and concept, and it was up to me to capture it in camera.  The footage was shot over the course of a few days, at a variety of locations with several actors. It then was put together, brought to life with motion graphics/animation by LooseKeys.

Reflect™ by GMAC, a soft-skills solution for use by students, professionals at any stage in their careers, business schools looking to develop leadership skills in the classroom, or corporations working to identify and develop talent in the workplace.

Production Company: LooseKeys
Producer: Maeve Price & Brad Chmielewski
Director: Sergio Salgado
Creative Director: Brad Chmielewski
Animation: Brad Chmielewski & Jake Williams
Editor: Maeve Price
Voice Over: Jan-Mikael Erakare
Talent: Chiyo Tak Yezen Mustafa, Mandita Patel and Darnell Jordan