A Starting Point

Every story and every project is different. Understanding the variety of characters, settings, and objectives that our different clients/subjects have is key to a successful video. What are we trying to say with video? Who are we trying to reach? Are we trying to sell a product? Or a service? Or an idea? Are we trying to entertain? Or explain? Or document? Are we sticking to brand guidelines? Or helping you define a new look for your video content? Every story and every project is different but how we get there is not. Through conversation, research, design, and planning we can achieve the best results for your content and company. Understanding the building blocks that make up a good video goes a long way, read up on a few of our steps below.



Discovery & Research

Tell us about your company and idea.

Creative & Concepts

Come up with ideas, pitch concepts.

Script & Storyboards

Write the story, design visuals.

Talent & Locations

Find the right people and places.

Schedule & Logistics

Well, we have to plan don't we?

Crew & Gear

Secure the right crew and gear.




Our craft begins, lay out the schematics.


The right tools for the job are important.


Capture the story, roll the camera.




Piece the story together, pace & tone.


Loop you in, assure we're on right track.

Motion Graphics

Fun moving graphics mix well with the footage.

Music & Sound

Marry the edit to sound.

Color Grade

The right visual style stands out.


1080, 2k, 4k? Formats, formats, formats.

Get in touch, let’s talk about your upcoming project or idea.