Our Process.

Learn More About Every Step.

Furnace FPS makes films. Whether you’re looking for a production team to actualize your plan or ready to begin with a vague idea, we’re here for you from concept to completion.

We love collaborating with our clients and are excited to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your project.


Pre-production is our time to work out the details for the project. That may consist of brainstorming ideas until we’ve landed on a successful concept or that may mean nailing down the nitty gritty logistics in order to knock out a fulfilling production. Generally, pre-production will include concept pitches, scripts, storyboards, location scouting, scheduling, and production requirements. We are thorough in this phase to ensure a smooth and efficient production.    


Production and being on set is where all the planning of pre-production comes to life. We coordinate all the logistics, so you can show up and enjoy watching the ideas unfold on camera. We always want production to be a fun experience, not a stuffy, overly stressful one. With the right team, production is a blast for every project. We work hard to ensure our team is just the one for you.


Post-production takes all the hard work from the previous phases and combines it into that end product initially dreamt about. Through the use of graphics, sound, and coloring our editing will tell the story envisioned to create a video you’re excited to share. We value your opinions and collaboration to achieve the best outcomes together.