Forced Perspective Premiere

Remember last year when we helped Director Nick Cavalier shoot his film Forced Perspective? No? That’s ok, it’s been just about a year since we spent a week in Cleveland helping him shoot his film. Nick has spent the last year editing and finishing his film and this past Friday he had some exciting news to share. Forced Perspective will be premiering on Friday, March 27th at the 39th Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF for short). Tickets will go on sale on March 6th and can be purchased online, more info on the screenings/tickets can be found here. There will be a Q&A before the screening with artist Derek Hess, director Nick Cavalier, producer Marty Geramita and cinematographers Sergio Salgado and John Pope.

Friday was a good day, we also found out that Forced Perspective is one of the 23 finalist at this years SXSW Excellence in Title Design competition. The titles for the film were put together by our buddies over at Coat of Arms Post so you better believe we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

If you can’t tell, we’re pretty excited by all this and can’t wait to see the film and everyone next month! If you haven’t seen the trailer, head over to the project’s page to check it out.

Forced Perspective Announcement