Camscanner & Camcard

Another collaboration with LooseKeys and I’m really happy with the way these turned out. This project went from contact to completion in a matter of weeks and although working with such a tight deadline is not always preferred, it’s very fulfilling when it turns out so well. Brad Chmielewski, ECD at LooseKeys, worked on the general concept with Instig and then provided me with a script and storyboard. Breaking down and interpreting a storyboard can be challenging but it helps when you’ve worked together in the past and communication is open throughout the process.

After two days of production, the team over at LooseKeys kicked it into high gear and handled all the animation and editing in under a week. Impressive. Check out the videos below!

Client: Intsig
Production Company: LooseKeys
Producer: Maeve Price & Brad Chmielewski
Director: Sergio Salgado
Creative Director: Brad Chmielewski
Animation: Brad Chmielewski & Jake Williams
Editor: Maeve Price
Voice Over: Bev Standing
Talent: John Burkett, Chiyo Tak, Mandita Patel, Brad Meyer, Maeve Price and Brad Chmielewski